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Skin is the largest organ in the body and clearly one of the most important - after all it stops us falling out.


But other than the age old practise of woman putting (not always safe) cosmetics on their face, we tend to worry very little about our skin.


Obviously in recent years we have started to care more about the impact of the sun and skin cancer.
Other than that, we know that stopping smoking and not over using alcohol are obvious steps to improve skin health.


But ensuring that you are well hydrated, have good circulation and have the correct balance of vitamins and minerals can have a significant impact on skin health and slow the ageing process.


People have use natural remedies to assist in this for centuries - they are the basis of the original cosmetics and skin care remedies.


A word of caution however - the skin is in many cases and effective barrier - it wouldn't be skin if it wasn't.


In many cases the best way get substances to help the skin into your body is not directly through the skin but orally.

Don't believe all the adverts!