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Quality control is key to the production of most products in the modern world with safety, delivery and efficacy paramount.

Unfortunately, this has not always been adhered to in the case of herbal and natural remedies.

Chinese medicine and Western natural remedies have been blighted by cases of poor quality control, contamination, adulteration and inflated of false claims of effectiveness.
This is particularly the case when purchasing products on the internet.

At YCT we do not accept such practices and strict management systems and the quality culture of the organisation abhors this.
But more than that, we want to ensure that we are able to deliver and effective and genuinely controlled product to our customers.

So while we implement and adhere to the standards demanded by regulatory bodies (such as the Hong Kong government) and also the internationally accepted standards of management and production such as ISO9001 and ISO22000, we go further and where possible adopt best practise standards and pursue recognition for this.

For example, we don't just meet government minimum standards for our Ginkgo products - we manufacture, analyse and control in line with best practise established in Germany.
We also have been awarded Shandong Top Brand status, Shandong Brand recognition status and Green Food awards.

Some of our certificates and awards are shown - if you have more questions please go to our Contact Us page.

We will be as open as possible - unlike some other companies we have nothing to hide and much to be proud of!


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