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Blood travels round our bodies through miles of blood vessels carrying energy, minerals and waste as well as oxygen and other substances essential for life.


This transport system suffers stress as our body gets older and can suffer damage from free radicals and constriction through deposits.



As well as being dangerous in some cases, this reduction in blood circulation can impact general health possibly leading to such conditions as tiredness, cramps, feelings of coldness or numbness in extremities and memory impairment.


YCT's Chinese medicine range uses a range of ingredients which can have a positive impact on circulation, particularly in increasing circulation to extremities. This includes Ginkgo and Cordyceps in various combinations and formats.


As with anything that aims to impact blood flow, care must be taken especially when multiple medicines are being used. So for example, if Warfarin or similar is being used, medical advice should be sought before using any herbal remedy.


In many cases the best way get substances to help the skin into your body is not directly through the skin but orally.

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