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While Yong Chun Tang Group has been trading in China for many years, it has only recently begun its expansion into other markets.

As such, the company is developing its expertise on the specifics of the various legislative requirements around the world.

At this time, the company does not have appropriate licenses for supply in Hong Kong, EU and other territories although we expect that to change in the near future.
You've probably already read this in our Information and Disclaimer pages - but what does it really mean?

Well for our customers it means that we are not prepared to sell illegally over the internet, we are prepared to work with regulatory bodies to make sure we meet the prevailing standards and, where possible, assist in the further development of international standards to allow the benefits of traditional Chinese medicine to be more widely understood while eliminating the downside of unscrupulous companies.

For future distributors and retailers, it means we are willing to work with you as partners to refine the product offering to meet the demands of the local market - not just in legislation but also in packaging, marketing and service offerings.

We will keep you advised of formal approvals both here and on our News page!

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