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About Us

Bringing one of China's best kept secrets to the world!!

YCT HK formally started operations in 2011 with the aim of bringing the benefits of YCT China's products and capabilities to the rest of the world. Our primary focus is sales and marketing and helping YCT China with the multitude of regulations and varying cultural norms around the world.

Our focus is therefore on YCT's products - however where there are benefits in marketing

other complementary products, we also do so.

YCT has been operating in China since 1989 developing, producing and selling a wide range of products based on traditional Chinese medicine.

Based in Shandong in Eastern China, YCT has taken a holistic approach to Chinese medicine, embracing the benefits of thousands of years of Chinese culture and unifying them with a rigorous modern technical approach based in Western culture.

YCT takes this holistic approach further, controlling all aspects of the product cycle which with the Ginkgo products starts at owning and managing the farming process and with all products runs through strict supply chain control, manufacturing, analysis, quality control through to marketing and sales.

The combination of structured corporate systems based on USA models, the latest in HPLC analytical instrumentation from Japan and prehistoric trees which have been revered in China for eons is truly remarkable.



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