Innovation and development is at the core of what we do!
And it not only applies to new products - we also innovate throughout our organisation from farm, through production processes to environmental controls and analysis.


YCT spends approximately 3%  of turnover on R&D and innovation developing new technology and methodologies for improving the processes of Ginkgo extraction and production.


With innovation so central to our success, YCT has a strong and responsible view of IPR and as such has registered and been granted several patents within China.


For example, YCT's preparation of Ginkgo Herbal Tea features a simple and unique prescription and manufacturing process


Also, our "Biological Conversion and Extraction and Purification Technology of Ginkgo Aglycones Flavone" project utilises new enzyme technology to convert the natural remedy components of ginkgo and improve the biological efficacy.


YCT's current R&D in medicinal products focuses on further processing of ginkgo aglycone flavone and research in bacterial cellulose technology to increase its uptake and utilisation rate.


With innovation and R&D at the heart of its philosophy and operations, YCT has developed strong academic and development partnerships
with Shandong Province Enterprise Technology Centre and Shandong Province Ginkgo Engineering Research Centre as well as
Beijing Institute of Japan, Shandong University of TCM and Shandong Institute of Traditional Chinese Medicine.


Check out our Links page for more information on our academic partners!